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Welcome to Bend Senior High Athletics!

Students will find a connection to athletic activities in which they can participate and find enjoyment during their high school careers. We encourage parents to actively support their children in both their academic and athletic pursuits.


Parents of high school students wishing to participate in athletics and or some clubs MUST register using FamilyID. FamilyID is a secure, user-friendly online registration platform that streamlines the application process and allows parents to enter information once for multiple family members and athletic teams.

Important Dates



July 24 you may begin on line registration @:

The Athletic office will be open July 31 – Aug 11th.

*Hours may vary due to meetings. Also, athletes may pick up insurance forms. This is a separate policy and is affordable. We highly encourage you to look into this.

* NIGHT HOURS * the accounting office and our office we will be open extended hours Aug. 9th from 4-7:30pm. Please come in and clear. WE will have a laptop to use if you need it for on-line registration.

August 11th - All athletes must be cleared by the end of this day. They must come in and get their yellow clearance slip or they will not be eligible for their first practice.

The Athletic office will be closed August 14 which is the first mandatory day of practice. Bowling & Archery practice starts later in Sept./Oct.


1st sign up on-line.

2nd pay in the accounting office or on line in InTouch. Pay to play fees - $100.00 per sport. Club fees may vary. All athletes must be cleared off the FINES list!!

3rd between July 31 - Aug. 11 please bring your sports physical, if applicable, to athletic office for initial clearing. If everything is in order you will receive a yellow clearance slip. You must have the YELLOW slip to practice.

All athletes must have passed 5 of 7 classes and maintained a 2.0 GPA the last nine weeks of school (June – 2017 report card)

o All athletes must be on track to graduate

o All athletes must be cleared off the FINES list.

* All incoming freshmen and Juniors must have a current physical on file. The 2017-18 form can be found here. The EXAM must be done May 1, 2017 or later.

Questions please contact the Athletic Department email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Paying for Sports

Cost is $100 per sport. Club fees may vary. Payments can be made through Touchbase. Scholarship forms are available in the Athletic Office and Accounting Office.

Fall Sports Coach Phone, Email, Schedule
Cross Country Lisa Nye 541-355-3896, Email, Schedule
Football Matt Craven 541-355-3832, Email, Schedule
Soccer - Boys Nils Eriksson 541-388-0002, Email, Schedule
Soccer - Girls Gavin Meyers
541-355-3785, Email, Schedule
Volleyball Kristin Cooper 541-355-3731, Email, Schedule
Water Polo - Boys Christen Seymour 541-355-3892, Email, Schedule
Water Polo - Girls Christen Seymour 541-355-3892, Email, Schedule
Winter Sports Coach Phone, Email, Schedule
Alpine Ski
Greg Timm 541-390-6635, Email, Schedule
Basketball - Boys Scott Baker 541-355-3831, Email, Schedule
Basketball - Girls Todd Ervin 541-355-3828, Email, Schedule
Equestrian Andria Lindsey
541-355-3906 Email
Nordic Skiing Ron Crawford 541-355-3862, Email, Schedule
Swimming Tamas Bessenyei Email, Schedule
Wrestling Luke Larwin 541-355-3825, Email, Schedule
Spring Sports Coach Phone, Email, Schedule
Baseball Adam Randall 541-355-3834, Email, Schedule
Golf - Boys Rusty Clemons 541-355-3806, Email, Schedule
Golf - Girls Lowell Norby 541-355-3761, Email, Schedule
Lacrosse - Boys Scott Baker, Advisor
Dan Brostek, Coach

Schedule, JV Schedule
Lacrosse - Girls Dave Williams, Advisor
Melanie Canna, Head Coach
Taylor Pomerenk, Asst. Coach
541-355-3800, Email

Softball Wade Kinkade 541-948-3594, Email, Schedule
Tennis - Boys Ryan Goldstein 541-355-3802, Email, Schedule
Tennis - Girls Kevin Collier 541-389-7275, Email, Schedule
Track Kyle Will 541-350-3938, Email, Schedule


All incoming freshman and juniors MUST have new sports physicals per OSAA rules and regulations. For the 2017-18 school year the physical EXAM date must be May 1, 2017 or later. If you did not get a sports physical as a freshman or junior then you must get one as a sophomore or senior. WE will only accept the OSAA sports physical examination form.

English or Spanish

Take it to your child's sports physical appointment. When you have completed the sports physical, please turn it in to the school.

Code of Conduct

Any student who participates in school-sponsored athletics or activities must agree to abide by the School District Board Policies, Administrative Rules, Code Of Conduct, building rules and team participation/training regulations. All students who participate in athletics and extracurricular activities are expected to be positive role models for other students and members of the community at all times. This signed contract shall be in effect at all times during the contract period. “At all times" means 24 hours a day, every day of the week whether at school or away from school. The contract will be in effect from the beginning of the OSAA calendar (see website for each years start date) and conclude with the last day of high school.

Contact Us

Athletic Director:
Dave Williams

Athletic Secretary:
Genelle Reese