Bend Senior High School

Activities and Clubs


Welcome to Bend Senior High School Activities!

Our school offers a wide range of activities and clubs for students to help them pursue their interests and passions.

Activity Advisor Contact
Archery Club Al Barton
Staff Liason: Mary Hofer
541-633-7633, Email
541-355-3707, Email
Bearfoot Players (Drama) Margo Mcilvenna 541-355-3754, Email
Bicycle Maintenance Jeff Anderson Email
Bowling Gary Davis
Gary Baglien
541-382-0180, Email
541-550-9002, Email
Chamber Ensemble Brenda Simmons 541-355-3756
Cheer Brittany Gordon Email
Choir Luke MacSween 541-355-3750, Email
Dance Team Grace Anne Henshaw Email
DECA Kristen Torkelson 541-355-3877, Email
Drama (IMPROV) Margot McIlvenna 541-355-3754, [email protected]
Equestrian Andria Lindsey
541-306-0106, Email
Environmental Paul Hutter 541-355-3866, Email
GSA Maryann Casas 541-355-3775, Email
Interact Club Casie Bullock
541-355-3864, Email
Jazz Band
Steve Anderson 541-355-3752, Email
Mentors Club Robert Tadjiki 541-355-3840, Email
Mock Trial Lillian Quinn 541-318-8038, Email
Random Acts of Kindness Club Amy Yillik 541-355-3766, Email
RISE (Community Service) Jen Vanjaarsveld 541-355-3913, [email protected]

Don Carter
Gavin Meyers
Bend High Board Riding Alliance
Jay Jackson
Speech and Debate Mona Mensing Email

Contact Us

Activities Director:
Mackenzie Groshong

Activities Secretary:
Genelle Standiford