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Welcome to Bend Senior High School


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With the school year -- and CDL -- just underway, we understand you still may have a lot of questions. We've put together this list of FAQs to help you find some answers.

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BSHS All-In Schedule - Spanish

Attention ALL Lava Bears:

We are absolutely excited to have all students back in person (ALL-IN) beginning Monday April 12th. In order for us to have the best opportunity to remain open during “ALL-IN”, we are asking all students and staff to follow strict masking, sanitation and social distancing protocols. I cannot emphasize enough how vitally important these factors are in our ability to remain open, especially social distancing. We know it is hard in a school our size but we ask you to try your best. Contact tracing will be handled through in person live attendance and we must adhere to strict guidelines and safety protocols. Thanks for your patience, flexibility, grace and most of all kindness. We are trying to be as proactive as we can, knowing we will find ourselves in reactive mode a lot during these last 12 weeks of school. None of us were set up for a pandemic and information is changing constantly. We will definitely try and put our best foot forward, especially with a school our size……

1 – I so appreciate you finishing second semester strong in “All-In”! Reminder: NO SCHOOL on Friday 4/16 and Monday 5/31.

2 - There are 2 grading policies (A, B, C, PASS (D) and NG (F) and no zeros after 12/1/20) that teachers will still be administering at the end of second semester. Many teachers have already implemented this policy........

3 - ATHLETICS/ACTIVITIES: Bend High is very excited about this spring and ALL of our athletic programs and activities. We are already off to an amazing start and we could not be prouder of our athletes, students, coaches, instructors and advisors. Please remember that we want your support! Sportsmanship is very important to us. Thanks for taking ownership and pride in our school. I’d like to encourage all students to get involved in extra-curricular activities. Educational research is clear that students who participate in extra-curricular activities are more likely to be successful in school and in life. They have a connection to school. We are working hard, based upon the guidance from OSAA and the State of Oregon, to get spectators into events. Thanks for your patience, as we utilize our resources to the best of our ability. I would like to give a special shout-out again to our Athletic Secretary (Genelle Reese) and Athletic Director (Lowell Norby) for their tireless effort in navigating constantly changing variables. It is hard to hit a moving target and this is all new to them. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed. Thank you both!
4 – “Virtual” Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held ion Monday, April 19 from 4 to 8pm. Details to follow.

5 – “All-In” Schedule begins Monday, Aril 12. Schedule attached. For those families who are not comfortable with in-person learning, or who have found success with distance learning, the district will continue to offer remote instruction opportunities. Families may enroll in the District Comprehensive Distance Learning program or Bend-La Pine Schools Online. Please contact the District Office for more information on these programs. Teachers at Bend High will not be offering Comprehensive Distant Learning and/or remote learning opportunities beginning April 12th. We understand the angst this can cause for students and families. We cannot ask our teachers to teach a full schedule as well as CDL.

6 – 2 points of entry (includes the Mods and Tech Building) – Main Entrance (all 9th and 10th Grade) / Athletic Entrance (all 11th and 12th grade) - Door opens @ 900a (no earlier) – Symptom checks, masking, social distancing and hand sanitation takes place upon entry…..multiple staff will be there checking these requirements for safety…..This is only before the first class of the day. After 9:15am students (all grades) must use the Main Entrance only, including during and after lunch.

7 – Attendance: Will be taken by teachers for students who are in person only. Attendance will not be taken from CANVAS. There will no longer be an “Attendance” button on CANVAS pages. If a student is not in class, in person, they will be marked absent. Accurate attendance is very important for contact tracing.

8 – ALL parent meetings with staff will continue to be held “virtually”. This includes Counseling, Future Center, 504, IEP, ELL and teacher meetings. Students however, can access their teachers and staff for live “in-person” meetings.

9 – Lunch guidelines:
*Doors and windows open whenever possible
*Designated spaces for eating – Commons: 2 to a table – Hallways and some classrooms will be open – We will look at opening gym areas for students who remain on campus
*Students maintain 6 feet social distancing “to the extent possible”
*Eat outside when weather permits – Still socially distanced
*Wear masks when not eating, take a bite and pull mask back up over mouth
*10-12th grade students may leave campus for lunch – Get back to class on time after lunch
***Recommended - no carpooling – If you do: masks on and windows down in cars
*9-12th grade students can still access a grab and go snack and lunch for free from nutrition services.

10 – Senior Parents/Guardians: As we move forward into the last semester of high school, please check with your student, StudentVue, ParentVue, teachers and/or counselors, to make sure they are passing classes and on track with all their credits, to graduate in June. Also, please check the important upcoming Senior dates as they become available. The first graduation meeting will be Wednesday April 7th @ 1030a. Be on the lookout for a specific email around these seniors. We do not know yet what Graduation ceremonies will look like. We are working hard to find a way to celebrate this senior class the right way. We know they have missed a lot. We are asking the question: “What can we do?” instead of “What can’t we do?” Ultimately the decision will be up to the district. We will advocate for your student, while continuing to look at the guidance from the State of Oregon. More info to follow.

11 – Student Expectations - If students are not following proper masking requirements (see attached masking poster) and/or social distancing:

A. Staff will remind students once to adhere to safety protocols
B. If violation continues, staff will have student escorted to main office
C. Admin will call parents and student goes home for the day
D. Student can return the next scheduled in person
E. If issue persists the student will be enrolled in BLP Online or District CDL as there only educational option
F. Safety of All is our Number 1 Priority!
12 – Students: Your socio-emotional/mental health is important to us…..we have resources for you. Please reach out. We are here to serve!
13 – Reminder that offices will remain closed to public for in person community visits. Please call or email…. We will set a time to meet “virtually” if necessary All fees and fines can be paid online. Counseling Office, Library and Future Center will be open to students beginning on April 12th.
14 – Textbooks/Materials: Please remember to return any and all textbooks, from any Bend-La Pine School that your students have attended, to our school library. We are missing thousands of textbooks from this last year and would love to get those collected.

15 – Student Engagement: Again, I cannot stress enough how important student engagement is during “All-In”. Make sure you are in the game and not on the sideline. Teachers are here for you – Please show up and attendance is important.

Much respect and admiration…..patience, grace, flexibility and kindness…..Keeping the main thing, the main thing…….

Christopher Reese


-See Attached (Will remain the same for Semester 1 and 2)- 2020-21 High School Calendar

The first 6 weeks of Semester 2 – (2/8-3/19) - Blue Day Classes Only (Periods 1,3,4,6,7B)

The second 6 weeks of Semester 2 (3/29-5/7) – Gold Day Classes Only (Periods 2,3,5,6,7G)

The third 6 weeks of Semester 2 (5/10-6/18) – White Day Classes Only (Periods 1,2,4,5,7W)

About us

Bend Senior High School is a comprehensive four-year academic high school designed to meet the ever-changing
needs of our students. This guide is designed to assist students, parents, teachers and counselors through the
scheduling process.

The VISION of Bend Senior High School is of a people-centered community that celebrates a passion for learning
through challenge, growth, and success.

The MISSION of Bend Senior High School is to provide a secure academic environment in which all participants are challenged to reach their potential.

PHILOSOPHICALLY, we believe that positive relationships and a focus on character development foster
continuous academic achievement. We believe cooperation among students, staff, parents, and community is
essential. We believe in decisions based on what is best for students.

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