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To the class of 2020

Next Steps

Article Date: Apr 10, 2020

Grad Letter

April 10, 2020

Re: Determining Status of Graduation due to COVID-19 School Closure

Dear Lava Bear Seniors and Families,

Thank you for joining me in standing by our Class of 2020 as they continue to demonstrate leadership, integrity, and bravery through this unprecedented time. They deserve our greatest support.The long-blue line is forever present.

While the education landscape continues to move and evolve, we continue to hold firm that our students who were on track for a 2020 graduation will indeed graduate. We are also committed to supporting our students with work yet to do; we want to see these students celebrate their graduation this year, too.

Yesterday, we began digging into the Oregon Department of Education’s (ODE) Graduation Pathways Guidance. The following is a synopsis of changes:

2020 graduation status will be based on your senior’s course progress prior to the extended school closure (March 13). Students who were on track to graduate will qualify for their diploma. Students who were not on track will receive additional supports to help get them to graduation with their class.

Every senior will receive a PASS (P) or NO PASS (NP) for their coursework leading up to March 13th.Please know that if you are an IB Student, your IB Coordinators will be in touch regarding scores and transcripts).

The Oregon Department of Education is no longer requiring Essential Skills and Personalized Learning Requirements for 2020.

On or before April 23, 2020, you will receive follow-up communication from your student’s counselor and/or myself.This communication will include your senior’s 2020 graduation status, answers to some questions that we are anticipating, including: how these new rules will be applied to Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, Dual Credit and other classes; information and next steps for your student to stay engaged with learning; supports for your student’s well-being; and transition to career and college information.

In the meantime, we look forward to continuing to work with your student in class and are committed to continuing to deliver an exceptional education to your senior today, and everyday up to graduation.Seniors can continue with their education up to June 12th for continued learning.If a senior is not on track, teachers will work with them individually, to get them caught up to passing, to the March 13th closure.

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 crisis has created incredible disruption for everyone, and we acknowledge the impact this has had on in particular our senior Class of 2020. We continue to look for creative ways to celebrate and mark your senior year with new traditions and re-imagined ceremonies. Student voice and input will be essential as we design what these might be, conscious of the important role for families and communities sharing in this moment.We will be asking for input to Student Government and Student Leadership.

Thanks to each of you for supporting one another, for embracing uncertainty with grace and patience, kindness and for finding strength in one another. We must remind ourselves that we’re part of a greater community, and that our purpose is to emerge from this with the tools to build a better world.Go Bears!


Christopher J. Reese