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High School Program Overview

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High School Grades 9-12 Overview

Bend-La Pine Schools Online serves thousands of students in grades 9-12 every year, with schedules varying from just one course to a full-time online schedule. Our high school program is wrapped with counseling, support, and online tools to help students identify their goals, chart their own paths, and enjoy their journeys. We work closely with guidance counselors from our brick and mortar schools to make sure students are taking the courses that they need to meet their needs and achieve their goals.

An expansive curriculum of 300+ courses gives students important choices. Bend-La Pine Schools Online offers math, English, science, and history courses in multiple levels—Core, Comprehensive, Honors, and college-level Advanced Placement (AP), plus remediation and Credit Recovery options—to meet the needs of diverse learners.

Students can also take up to four years of a world language, including AP, and choose from more than 50 widely varied electives such as Anthropology, Computer Sciences, Forestry, Veterinary Science, Sports Marketing and more.

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2019-2020 Full Course Catalog

2021-21 Course Catalog Coming Soon!

Not all courses are available at this time. If you have any questions, please reach out to your online mentor.

HS English Classes

HS History and Social Studies Classes

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HS Electives

HS Credit Recovery Classes

Consult with your high school counselor to confirm that the course you are interested in is still offered and is eligible for the type of credit you need.

Application for High School Transcript Credit

Please complete this form and bring it to your high school counselor.

Customizable Schooling Options

Bend-La Pine Schools Online can be used alone or in any combination with a Bend-La Pine high school, including the following:

  • Attend school full time + take online courses
  • Attend school part time + take online courses
  • Not attend school at all, take 1 or more online courses instead