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Elementary School Program Overview

Elementary students learning in Bend-La Pine Online

Elementary Grades K-5 Overview

Bend-La Pine Online partners with K12 to use their online learning platform in grades K-5. For some sample lessons, you can visit this page: K-8 Program Sample Lessons

Please note that the enrollment links on the K12 pages frequently take you to other schools or districts, or even tuition-based programs. To register with Bend-La Pine Online and stay connected to our local teachers and community use the links from our website (right column) to initiate the registration process.

In the Bend-La Pine Online Program, all elementary students start with their core language arts and math courses. Families and/or learning coaches should expect to devote 3-4 hours a day to these foundational subjects. As a general rule, about 40% of time is actually online, whereas the other 60% is devoted to materials-based activities and instruction. Most elementary students should expect to meet virtually with their homeroom teacher 3 days a week for community time and small group instruction. Flexibility is a cornerstone of our program; in addition to these synchronous learning sessions students will have independent assignments that need to be completed and many enriching choices that might include story times, science experiments and virtual club offerings.

Once routines are established and families are ready, science or history can be added to a student’s program. This mirrors what happens in our brick-and-mortar classrooms, where the start of the year has a lighter curriculum load as routines and relationships are established, and more content is added as students are ready. We only recommend adding one course at a time, once again mirroring our brick and mortar K-5 classrooms where students might do a science unit, then a history unit, then pivot back to science. Additionally, many families find they are happy with only the core subjects of Language Arts and Math, and that these provide many launch points into other content investigations. Overall, our goal is to provide consistency where it is needed and many options for customization as families, students and/or learning coaches desire. Our courses are flexibly paced and complemented by a wealth of hands-on materials including storybooks, science kits, art supplies, math manipulatives and more.


We have dedicated, local teachers assigned to K-5 students. These teachers team up with every new family to create a success plan and then oversee all facets of the instructional experience, while also supporting parents and/or learning coaches to facilitate progress through the daily lessons.


On average, you can expect to spend about 4-6 hours per day supporting your child's education, depending on the number of classes you choose and the grade level of your child. Our teachers monitor progress, reach out to answer questions and are available via phone or email when families need support. You can expect your teacher to check in on a regular basis, offer enrichment activities and help problem solve or support learning when questions arise.

Customizable Schooling Options

Bend-La Pine Schools Online can be used alone or in any combination with a Bend-La Pine elementary school, including the following:

  • Attend school full time + take online courses
  • Not attend school at all, take 1 or more online courses instead