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Bend-La Pine Schools Online

Academic Overview


For more than 10 years, thousands of Bend-La Pine Schools’ K-12 students have benefited from our free, personalized, online learning program, Bend-La Pine Schools Online.

Our program uses the K12 curriculum at the Kindergarten through 5th grade level. This curriculum is a balance of online lessons and hands-on activities. In general, our youngest learners spend about 40% of their time online. The rest of their time is spent engaging with text and working with resources and manipulatives. Parents are more involved with their child's learning at these younger levels as they guide and coach their child through their daily tasks.

Click Here for student and learning coach tutorials of how to access and navigate K12(OLS) system.

At the middle and high school level students use the Fuel Education curriculum and are enrolled in discrete online classes for each subject. We encourage students to focus on 3-4 classes at a time, rather than a full load of 7 which they would take at a brick and mortar school. We have found this leads to deeper learning and more successful course completions. Online classes at the middle and high school level are not necessarily tied to our standard trimester or semester schedule. What this means is that when a student finishes a class, even if it is before the end of the semester, they can grade out and begin another course. Alternatively, if they need more than a semester to finish the class, the end date can be extended by request. Middle and high school students can be expected to spend 50 - 60% of their time online. The remainder of their time is spent reading, writing and preparing other assignments for their online teacher.

Click here for a student overview of how to access and navigate the PEAK system.

Bend-La Pine Schools Online uses a combination of our own local teachers, and teachers contracted through our curriculum vendors. This allows us to provide many course offerings, while making sure that our most popular courses are taught by dedicated, local teachers. We strive to provide personalized, connected opportunities that meet the needs of individual students and families.

To learn more about a day in the life of an online student, please click here!

Connect with us, learn with us and stay connected locally by choosing Bend-La Pine Schools Online.

Learn more about our curriculum and options at each level:

"We wanted to homeschool, but without an education background, I wasn't sure where to start. BLPO offered curriculum and materials to get me started, and the flexibility to add in my own teaching as I became more comfortable over time." - parent of student in the program

Customizable Schooling Options

Bend-La Pine Schools Online can be used alone or in any combination with a Bend-La Pine middle school, including the following:

  • Attend school full time + take online courses
  • Attend school part time + take online courses
  • Not attend school at all, take 1 or more online courses instead