Realms Middle School

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Volunteers Encouraged

Some of our most powerful educational experiences, the ones that our students remember long after they graduate, are often the experiences we most need the help of parent volunteers in order to run.

At REALMS we encourage lots of parent involvement, and have found that we have the following areas are where parent volunteers can have the greatest impact (and feel the greatest reward):

  • Fieldwork: helpers and chaperones
  • Electives: instructors and assistants
  • Office: special project assistance
  • Fundraising: event coordination teams

Volunteer Background Check

Thanks for your interest in volunteering at REALMS!!

To volunteer, you must complete the Bend-La Pine Schools' online volunteer background check. This form is good for two years, so if you completed one with Bend-La-Pine Schools last year, you should be fine for this year. For REALMS parents who used our background check system last year, you WILL need to re-do this process through Bend-La Pine Schools this year!

BLS Volunteer Application

Friends of REALMS

Friends of REALMS is a non-profit dedicated to supporting the unique programming at REALMS. Specifically, the Friends of REALMS helps coordinate annual fundraising efforts and the disbursement of funds dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the fieldwork program at REALMS. Fieldwork is a key component of the authentic, project-based learning approach that has made REALMS a successful magnet school in our community.

Check out the Friends of REALMS site