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Pine Ridge Elementary School

Pine Ridge PTA

Hey there! The Pine Ridge Elementary PTA is all about creating an awesome school community, giving families, teachers and staff an opportunity to get involved and connect with each other. We welcome everyone – your support and participation are key to making the school year the best it can be.

Together, We Thrive

We are here to enhance the school experience for our children. All donations go right back to the school to fund our amazing art in residence program, field trips, AV and music equipment, school supplies, and much more! PTA members get the opportunity to vote on our funding priorities at our quarterly meetings.

Events that Rock

It’s not just about meetings. The PTA plans and hosts free events throughout the school year for our school community. Events include: Family Picnic, Movie Night, Halloween Bash, and Pizza Bingo! These events are all about having fun and weaving tighter bonds within our Pine Ridge community. And guess what? You don’t need to be a PTA member to participate and/or volunteer for these memory making moments.

Stay in the Loop

We keep families informed and engaged throughout the school year. Always be in the know through our newsletter, social media, website, and/or text messages. If you attend meetings, you will also be the first to hear the latest school buzz directly from our principal or other school staff.

Join us for Fun, Connection, and Community!

Parent involvement is the secret ingredient that really makes Pine Ridge Elementary shine! Be part of the magic – join us, attend our events, follow us on social media, lend a hand as a volunteer, and let's make the school year an absolute blast!


Instagram: @PineRidgeElementaryPTA

Facebook: PineRidgePTABend

Email: [email protected]