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William E. Miller Elementary School

Miller PTO

W. E. Miller Elementary School distinguishes itself with talented and energized teachers, clear and strong leadership, LEED certified facilities and a bold, green mandate. The Miller PTO supports the school with programs, events and supplemental funds, all designed to enrich our children's experience at Miller. Please join us and help make our school a truly great school! Click here to visit the Miller PTO web page.

Would you like to join the Miller PTO? Send an email to [email protected] and ask to join. No membership dues or commitment are required but you must opt in to receive our emails.

Would you like to be included in the student directory? Fill out this form to opt in so you can connect with other Miller families.

Are you able to donate to our Annual Giving Campaign? We aim to raise $30,000 this year to cover new expenses and rising costs. Anything you give makes a difference. Donate online here.

Thank you for your support!It's All About Our Kids!

During non-Covid times, our parents help in numerous ways at Miller. Parents organize the annual Book Fair, provide arts enrichment through Art on a Cart and Artist in Residence, volunteer for Miller on the Move, Battle of the Books, STEM Night, Field Days, Fun Run and many other events. Parents do not need to join the Miller PTO in order to volunteer at Miller but membership ensures you will be included in all PTO organized events. The more the merrier!