Juniper Elementary School


2020-21 School Supply List

You Are Invited to Read About Information On School Supplies

Article Date: Jun 30, 2020

Instead of a list of specific school supplies for families to buy, we invite families to make voluntary donations to Juniper Elementary to help with the cost of classroom supplies.

We are requesting a $30 donation to cover the costs.

We have found this to be much easier and cheaper for families!

Donations can be made on-line with BLPay to pay or pay at school.

To pay via BLPay on-line please follow the steps below:

  • Access the Bend LaPine School District at
  • Click Parents at the top of the page, then click Parent Tools
  • Select the Fees and Fines online payment system box.
  • Log-in:
  • User Name = Student ID Number (this number will appear on your child’s report card)
  • Password = Student Last Name (first letter is capitalized)
  • Click on your Child’s name, then click the Items at Student’s school.
  • Click Student Activities/Purchases
  • Find the appropriate item from the list, enter the amount you wish to pay/donate.
  • Click Buy and then Checkout
  • Mastercard, Visa & Debit cards are accepted. There is no fee for this service.

What can you provide?

Backpack, PE shoes, 1 set of headphones or earbuds, Stylus touchscreen pen for students in grades 4 & 5.

Thank you for your support of our bulk supply ordering process.