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Juniper Elementary School


SPECIALIST TEAM: Ms. Eilers - School Psychologist, Ms. Vodak, Ms. Vance - Social Emotional Skills
Ms. Hartsock - Speech Pathologist, Ms. Goslin - ERC EA, Ms. Mason - ERC Teacher and Ms. Stephenson

LIFESKILLS TEAM: Ms. Nichols, Ms. Ramirez, Ms. Warfield, Ms. Ruzicka, Ms. Nelson

TITLE 1 TEAM: (from back left) Ms. Raiter, Ms. Anderson, Ms. Kelley, Ms. Carey and Ms. Storlie

SPECIALISTS: (from left) Ms. Howk - Media Manager, Ms. Larsen - Music Specialist and Ms. Renstrom - PE Specialist

Areas of Focus

Some key academic areas of focus for Juniper include:

  • Technology Magnet School – Integrating technology into instruction K–5th grades.
  • Juniper Technology Plan
  • Juniper scored a 5 — the top score — on Oregon Schools Report Card and was named an Oregon Model School
  • 2016 Oregon Teacher of the Year - Ms. Anderson
  • Apple Distinguished School
  • 5 SeeSaw Ambassadors
  • Three National Board Certified Teachers
  • USDA Healthier GOLD School
  • Oregon Green School

Individually Focused. Committed to All.

When Bend-La Pine Schools students graduate, they should come equipped to do the following:

  • Persevere when faced with challenges
  • Value and exercise creativity
  • Discover how critical thinking skills are used across disciplines
  • Become a functioning member of a team
  • Exercise effective communication and presentation skills
  • Understand the importance of taking initiative
  • Learn about various aspects of leadership and develop those skills
  • Adapt and problem solve
  • Manage time and create a plan for accomplishing a task or goal
  • Know how to find reliable, accurate information

Juniper Technology Plan

Get caught up with how Juniper integrates technology into education!