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Piper Post- May 5, 2023

Article Date: May 04, 2023

Upcoming Events

Monday, May7- LAST DAY TO ORDER YEARBOOKS and get school delivery

Wednesday, May 10- Highland family stewardship day

Thursday, May 11- May Walk + Roll Challenge

Friday, May 12- PTO’s carnival

Friday, May 19- Last chance for parent input form. (click)

Principals letter:

Dear Highland Families;

If you have a kindergartener, 1st grader or 3rd grader please take a moment to fill out the Parent input form. (Click) This form will close on May 19th.

If you are not planning on returning to Highland next year, we would appreciate you using the following link to let us know. As you know we have waiting lists at each grade level, so the sooner we know a spot is available the sooner we can fill that spot. 2023-2023 Planning

Have a great weekend,


Brian Kissell

Awesome opportunity to help out our river!

Highland Family Stewardship Day with The Upper Deschutes Watershed Council

May 10th!


*** Just FYI there are a limited number of spots, so if anyone calls you after the fact to sign up, they unfortunately cannot due impact in the riparian zone where we will be helping.

Thank you!

Highland’s Yearly Variety Show

The Highland Variety Show is Back - Monday, June 12th!

All students are invited to participate, but may only be in one act. Students will be assigned an audition time between Friday 5/12 and Thursday 5/18. All acts will be included so long as they are appropriate, well prepared (practiced) and the correct length.

Most acts should be between 20-60 seconds. If an act is very well prepared and includes more than one student, it may go a bit longer. Only acts that include more than 4 students will be permitted to go the full 90 seconds.

Video acts must also sign-up on or by Friday 4/28. Parents need to be in touch with Marieka Greene about submission. Videos are only accepted if the act cannot physically be performed on stage. Videos are due with Permission slips (Wednesday, June 7).


Friday, 5/5 - Audition times/slips delivered to classroom teachers for distribution.

Friday, 5/12 - Thursday, 5/18 - Auditions before and after school

Wednesday, 5/31 - Permission slips delivered to teachers for distribution.

Wednesday 6/7 - Permission slips due back to Ms. Greene

Friday, 6/9- Music due to Ms. Greene

Sunday, 6/11 - Dress rehearsal, 2-4, Highland Gym

Monday, 6/12 - Variety Show, Highland Gym, 5:30-7ish

From the Roots and Shoots club

The Roots and Shoots Club would like to thank everyone who donated books and participated in our book drive! We were able to donate $354 dollars to help the people of Ukraine. Nice work Highland Pipers!!

The Roots and Shoots Club was founded by Dr. Jane Goodall who conducted life changing research about chimpanzees. Ironically, the left-over books were donated to the Freedom for Great Apes which is a chimp sanctuary here in Central Oregon. They have some chimpanzees who enjoy looking at books and were very grateful for your donations!

From the green team

BLS is celebrating the May Walk + Roll Challenge on May 11th2023, with support from Commute Options. K-8BLS Students are encouraged to Walk or Roll to School (Park n’ Walks and Remote drop off locations are an excellent option for families that live outside of the walk zone), form walk to school groups together, and log their trip to win prizes. Participating students from the top 2 schools (highest amount of trips logged) will be entered into the raffle to win new Kick Scooters. Their trip can be logged at commuteoptions.org/walkroll. Additional details can be found here.

Mileage Club

Mileage Club is still in huge need for volunteers to come out on Tuesday and Thursday recess times to hand out cards to kids and check off their laps around the field. The kids are really excited about the program, especially the kindergarteners, but the program can't run without volunteers' helping hands. Please sign up here:


Thank you!!

Yearbooks for sale!

Get your yearbook today by clicking here!

A Note from the Nurse

Please see this important message from the Bend Lapine school Director of Health Services

We are seeing lots of bugs going around school and wanted to remind our community of the general guidelines for keeping your kids at home when they are sick:

General Guidelines:

Vomit/ diarrhea- Need to stay home for 48 hours after the last event.

Fever- Needs to be fever free without fever reducing medications for a full 24 hours before returning to school

Cough/ runny nose/ cold symptoms- We recommend staying at home until your student is feeling better and symptoms are greatly improved.

Eye redness/drainage- Say home until symptoms resolve or are seen by medical professional and started treatment

Thank you for your help! Let's try to keep our campus healthy this cold and flu season!

For more information on when to keep your kid at home please check out this document (click)

FAN - Family Access Network

If you are struggling with food, clothing, housing, medical, dental, school supplies, utilities and more, help is available. Eilean Karpstein is our amazing, confidential FAN advocate. You can reach her at (541) 355-1858.

CLICK to learn more about FAN.