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Piper Post- March 11, 2022

Lots of fun happening at Highland!

Article Date: Mar 10, 2022

Sunday, March 13- Daylight Savings Starts ( Turn your clock forward an hour!)

Friday, March 18- SPIRIT DAY! Wear Rainbow!

Friday, March 18 @ 3 pm- Choice School Lottery CLOSES

March 21-25- Spring Break

Principal’s Letter

Dear Highland Families,

Masks Mandate Change

As you already know, on Monday masking will no longer be required, but strongly recommended in our schools. The spectrum of feelings on this change ranges from anxious to excited, presenting us with some challenges and opportunities in the coming days. We will work to reinforce an environment of respect and inclusion for all our students, staff and parents. In order to achieve our responsibility to honor individual choices and create understanding, foster community and prevent divisiveness as much as possible. We will utilize lessons that prompt conversations among students to achieve this goal. Some examples of questions used during these “class meetings” are listed below. I encourage you to use similar questions around the dinner table or in the car to strengthen the empathy and skills of our students

Prior to Monday;

  • What questions do you have about wearing a mask at school?
  • Why might some of us continue to wear a mask?
  • Why might some of us decide not to wear a mask?
  • How can you respond if someone asks about your choice? Or if someone challenges your choice?
  • How can we support our classmates that have made a choice different from our personal choice?

After Monday;

  • How are we doing with making everyone feel welcome and supported in their choice?
  • What could we do that would help?
  • What can we do if we witness others making comments around masking that sound unkind or exclusive?


We are so excited to start the process of bringing parent-volunteers back in our building. I want to encourage you to be patient as we work through the process of getting applicants cleared and in our system. Although some of you may have already received a confirmation for your application, it will still take time before it comes across our screen in the office. Our office staff will start to work with our teachers to confirm cleared volunteers in the next week. We hope to be able to start confirming your clearance on our end in the office by the end of next week, but please know that the majority of people will not be able to get cleared until the week after spring break.


I really want to encourage you to check out the below from the PTO. We have open positions on our PTO board and we are so excited to start returning to more in-person experiences. This is a great opportunity to learn more about our school, provide valuable input and build our community from within. It’s work that does not feel like work and you will work with some amazing humans.

One more week until we break again for vacation, then it’s a very rapid pace toward the end of the year. I want to encourage you to plan some “slow-down” points in your calendars between now and June. Take the time to reflect with your children on the past several months. Take the time to enjoy the change (even if it’s fickle) in season. And last but not least, take the time to remind your children what a great job they are doing as a student AND remind yourself what an awesome job you’ve done parenting. Thanks for all you do!


Brian Kissell

What's Cooking?!

Please Click to View the Lunch Menu for next week.

School Wide Character Trait: Empathy

Empathy! What an incredible opportunity we have to simply just listen and be with people. To TRY and understand what they are feeling, often without trying to solve the problem. Empathy might be one of the more difficult character traits to teach our kids but it’s sure important. Modeling empathy is one way I have found to be effective.

This could be a great opportunity to show and practice empathy and understanding around the different choices available with masking. Being sure to make Highland an inclusive and safe place for everyone.

Be Well,

Heidi Thomas

[email protected]


A Note From Our PTO-

Highland PTO is a non profit organization that helps support our storyline curriculum, provide our teachers enrichment opportunities, and strengthens our incredible highland opportunity. The PTO is currently looking for parents interested in joining their team! Being a part of the PTO is a great opportunity to be engaged in your child's education here at highland.

Open 2022-23 Highland PTO Board Positions :

-Communications Coordinator


-Giving Campaign Coordinator

-Volunteer Coordinator

-Storyline Liaison

For more detailed information on these positions please visit the PTO volunteer page here (click)

No experience is necessary, just in interest in getting involved!

Please contact PTO President, Sigourney Guilford with position interest at :

[email protected]

A Note From the Attendance Office-

Please email our attendance staff at [email protected] and your teacher, to excuse an absence, or let us know your student is not at school. Thanks!

Highland SPARKLE (shout-outs)!

Please give a huge virtual highland sparkle to Drake in Cami Green’s class for completing 100 dreambox lessons! Great work Drake!

And, a Highland Sparke to all out OBOB participants and winners! We had seventy-five 3rd, 4th and 5th graders participate, 19 teams. Each team battled at least twice. It came down to the final battle yesterday between two teams of 3rd graders.

The Deadly Marshmallows vs. Book Battlers. Deadly Marshmallows won.

Sierra Hewes, Claire Osborn, Haley Bright, (Deadly Marshmallows)

Roslyn Angevine, Jack Crotty, Casey Gartlan, (Book Battlers)

Congratulations to The Deadly Marshmallows and thank you to everyone who participated in this years OBOB (Oregon Battle of The Books)

Lottery: Deadline March 18 @ 3 PM!

Friendly reminder that the lottery deadline is approaching!

All Incoming 2021-2022 Kindergarten Siblings: Please fill out an online lottery application TODAY to ensure your spot at Highland Elementary School. Siblings have first priority in the lottery process, but only if an online application form is submitted. CLICK to submit your application today.

All current 5h Graders:

If you are interested in a Choice Option School for middle school, it is time to submit a lottery application (CLICK).

Parents wishing to send their student to a neighborhood school (not choice option) in an attendance area different from their neighborhood school, must fill out an Attendance Area Change Request (CLICK) form by March 1. CLICK to view boundary maps.


To order click here and use the Highland code of :1016243010261892

Also, You are able to customize your pages now, just log into the tree ring on your computer and edit your kiddos custom pages any way you want! Deadline for customized pages: April 21st!