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Highland Newsletter - October 15, 2021

Picture Day Next Week!

Article Date: Oct 15, 2021

Upcoming Events

Thursday, October 21 - Picture Day

Friday, October 22 - Silly Sock Day (School Spirit Day!)

Wednesday, October 27 - Thursday, October 28 - Conferences - No School

Friday, October 29 - No School

Friday, October 29 - Donating all Lost and Found

Principal Letter

Dear Highland Families,

On Monday afternoon we will conduct an annual Lockdown Drill. Our teachers will take time just prior to the drill to prepare students and then talk them through the actual drill practice conducted at the end of the day. The media coverage of active shooter incidents is not a friend to schools when it comes to this topic, so simply mentioning the word can be challenging for many, adults and children. We do our best not to allow these events to influence the tone and weight of these drills. Our goal is to keep them simple and light to allow our staff the opportunity to practice a response and teach the students to follow our direction during these situations.

Conferences are in less than two weeks which means there is no school for students on Wednesday through Friday, October 27-29. Teachers will be holding all conferences virtually via WebEx. Although there are a lot of advantages to using WebEx, the teachers would really like you to know they wish they could see you in person and we are hopeful the spring time conferences will allow that option.

Due to the course education took because of the pandemic, it is necessary for us to shift our mindset and thinking regarding the way we traditionally approached education. This includes rethinking fall conferences with our families. During the fall conferences at the elementary level, we traditionally showed families where their student was performing comparatively to their typical grade level peers or on standardized assessments - in reading, writing and math. With such a disruption to education, using the term “grade level” to describe where a child is performing is currently not an accurate portrayal of a student’s ability to learn. Across our country most children will be “behind or not at grade level” if we use that model, so it’s not a relevant descriptor in this current environment. Children are not behind, their learning was disrupted and the trajectory changed. It’s our responsibility to adjust and adapt instruction to meet these needs and it will take time to overcome the effects of this pandemic on our children; but if done right and consistently, it can be done.


Brian Kissell

Ms. Fetrow's First Grade - Tree Storyline

Picture Day -Thursday, October 21

CLICK for more information and to order pictures. It is much easier to order pictures PRIOR to picture day. Please consider ordering your pictures today.

Statewide Tests - Annual Notice

Please CLICK for the annual notice on Statewide Tests.

From Local Farms to our schools, CLICK for details.

Nutrition Service is NOW Hiring, CLICK for information.

FAN - Family Access Network

If you are struggling with food, clothing, housing, medical, dental, school supplies, utilities and more, help if available. Eilean Karpstein in our amazing, confidential FAN advocate. You can reach her at (541) 355-1858.

CLICK to learn more about FAN.

COVID Testing Instructions

If your student has a primary symptom, a NAAT or PCR test is required to return to school. Please CLICK for information regarding free testing in Deschutes County. Some rapid tests do not qualify to return to school, please make sure you get a PCR or NAAT test. We are happy to assist with questions in the office (541) 355-1900.

Ms. Yeager-Woocks 4/5 Blend Classroom - Tree Storyline

Health Room Clothing Needed

Free Pants Clipart Pictures - Clipartix

We are in need of clothing for the health room, especially pants for kindergarten students. Please consider donating today.