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Cascade Middle School

Classroom Information

Students sitting at tables in a classroom

Connect with Teachers

Note: Teachers not listed below can be reached via ParentVUE (for parents) or StudentVUE (for students). Click here for ParentVUE information.


Teachers - Mr. Adams, Ms. Boon, Ms. Compton, Ms. Dietz, Ms. Lyons, Ms. McIntosh, Ms. Mills, Ms. Morris, Ms. Myers, Ms. Wognild


Teachers - Mr. Killebrew, Ms. Lyons, Ms. Morris, Ms. Ortega, Mr. Segesta, Ms. Termes


Teachers - Ms. Haugen, Mr. Kent, Ms. Kruger, Mr. McKae, Ms. Ortega, Ms. Quinn

PE & Health

Teachers - Mr. Collins, Mr. Haskell, Ms. Kinzel-Schneiter, Mr. Lizza

Music Electives

Choir - Ms. Susac

Band - Mr. Rushton

Orchestra - Ms. Seed

Foreign Language

Teacher - Ms. Rowe

Other Electives

Teachers - Art - Ms. Carroll, Broadcast - Mr. Adams, Conditioning - Mr. Collins, Computer Science - Ms. Haugen and Mr. Kent, Drama - Ms. Wilde, Foods - Mr. Faurot, Yearbook - Mr. Adams, 3D Modeling & Design - Mr. Bilan

Library/Media Center

Librarian - Ms. Wilde

Media Manager - Ms. Hicks


Teacher and Staff - Teacher - Ms. Jerome; Staff - Ms. Busack, Ms. Dairy, Ms. Loberg, Ms. Mohorcich, Ms. Moroukian

Supported Education

Teachers and Staff - Psychologist - Ms. Poster; Teachers - Ms. Deaver, Ms. McNairy, Ms. Miller, Ms. O'Sullivan; Staff - Ms. Cramer, Mr. Daprano, Ms. Thomas


Teacher - Ms. Wright