Do you have an Apple ID?

At the iPad deployment, students will be asked to use a personal iTunes account as a part of our Digital Conversion initiative at Bend Senior High.  If students do not have an account already, he or she can create one for free at this link: ]

Students who create an Apple ID prior to their rollout day will experience an easier and quicker set-up process during their iPad deployment session.  

We do not advise students to use a family iTunes account. Having a single personal iTunes account that your student can use for both school and home allows the student easy access to all of his or her school content, notes, and documents, even after the student leaves school.

Your student's personal iTunes account can be used at school in many ways, including:

  • Redeeming codes for education content purchased on your student's behalf, such as textbooks
  • Taking notes in iBooks and syncing those notes between multiple iOS devices, such as a school-owned iPad and a personally-owned iPod touch
  • Signing in to courses on iTunes U
  • Re-downloading education content, as applicable
  • Adding the student's personal content to a school-owned iOS device, if permitted by school policies

Make sure your student brings their Apple ID and password to your deployment event, along with the signed AUP and insurance forms!